Maple Tree Townhomes

Modern 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes located just a short walk from downtown Carson City. Easily visit cafes and local shops downtown.

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Willow Tree Townhomes

Located off of Airport road, these townhomes are closer to north Carson and are just a short drive from restaurants, Walmart, banks, and more.

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Features Included

All townhomes are safe, clean, modern, and include these great features:

2 dedicated parking spots

24 hr. Emergency Maintenance

1 full bath and 1 half-bath

Modern Appliances

Central heating

Private backyard patio

Welcome home

You're free to decorate however you please. Whatever furniture or fixtures you'd like to decorate your new townhome with is up to you.

We only ask that no walls be painted or flooring/carpet be installed. For hanging standard pictures please use small nails and request approval before attempting to install a larger fixture such as a television mount.


living room

Services Required

All residents are required to maintain active services for energy, gas, and trash.

Home Energy

Contact NV Energy

Trash Service

Gas Service

Contact Southwest Gas

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