We love pets and both of our locations are pet friendly. However, we've created some rules to help keep the locations safe, clean, quiet, and organized.

Pet types

Currently only small and medium sized dogs under 50 pounds in weight are allowed. Caged birds or other small indoor animals may be approved upon request.

Dog Breeds

Unless otherwise approved for service reasons, certain dog breeds are excluded including any of the following breeds: Pit Bull, German Shepard, Rottweiler, and Bullmastiff.

Quantity and size limitations

Only one dog is allowed per residence unless otherwise approved. All dogs are required to be under 50 pounds in weight.

Pet Walking

Please be mindful of the common areas behind and around the complex. Do not let your dogs run freely, without a leash, or be unattended at anytime. If your dog is prone to barking, please calm your dog and keep its sound to a minimum. Be careful with your dog and do not let it approach other residents or residents' pets at any time.

Pet Waste

Pick up and dispose of pet waster in plastic bags as soon as it occurs. Be respectful of other residents and the property by keeping it clean.

Pet Sitting and guest pets

Residents are discouraged from pet sitting and are prohibited from doing so professionally on the premises. If you have a short term guest staying with you whom has a pet, it must meet all the pet guidelines on this page. Guests are prohibited from having unapproved dog breeds or other animals during their stay.